Lilia Boeri

Associate Professor, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics  Department of Physics, Sapienza Universita’ di Roma, Italy. (short cv, long cv, synthetic profile).

Habilitation as Full Professor (PO) in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics (02/B2) and Theoretical Chemistry (03/A2), since 2017.

Head of the PSIK working group on Phonons, electron-phonon coupling and related phenomena.

Keywords: Superconductivity, Density Functional Theory, Crystal Structure Prediction, High Pressures, Novel Materials, Oxides, 2D Materials, Material Design,Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.

Researcher ID: B-6162-2015              ORCID:  0000-0003-1186-2207

NEW: Sono disponibili i risultati dell’appello straordinario di laboratorio di calcolo (qui).

NEW: I’ve added a new section of this web page which contains reviews and highlights on computational superconductivity. If you are interested, you can find it here!